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Mikhail Loganovich Romanov

Just call me Misha -- Marvel Next Gen RP Journal

7 May 1988
Player: Kerri

Email: zereldax90@yahoo.com

AIM: canadianwildboy, contessaval

Character Name: Mikhail Loganovich Romanov, Misha to his family and friends, Mikey to his father, Michael Roman on his fake ID.

Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brunette
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 180lbs
Build: Muscular

Physical description: Misha is built on the same lines as his father with muscular chest and shoulders, though his height gives him a leaner appearance. His hair is worn shoulder length, his chin perpetually scruffy since the age of 15 when he managed to grow decent scruff. His every day closet contains jeans, tee shirts and boots. His special occasion closet holds the clothing his mother buys, slacks, suits, polo shirts with emblems on the pockets, and dress shoes. He only wears them when she's visiting and his presence is requested.

PB: Peter Facinelli

Abilities: The ability to watch a routine or a demonstration of a fighting style and instantly translate it to muscle memory. He collects training films and documentaries featuring wrestling, martial arts, gymnastic routines, weapons training, dance and other physical skills to extend his range. His gift also allows him to fight and defeat a seasoned opponent by mimicking their own skills and moves while in combat. Only his father can change fighting styles fast enough to beat him. He has inherited his father's healing factor as well.

Weaknesses and flaws: He sees no need to train and doesn't take it seriously, much to his father's displeasure. For Misha, or Mikey as his father calls him, life is all about his car and his next date.

Character location/Home: X-Men

Alignment: Hero

Relatives: Logan - father, living; Natasha Romanov - mother, living; David Roberts - half brother, living; Emily Hudson - half sister, living.